Black Perigord

Sarlat and the region

Cities and castles, caves, sinkholes and troglodyte villages

One thousand and one nights in the region of a thousand castles

10 minutes by car from the famous medieval city of Sarlat, Les Filolies is at the crossroads of all interests. Our region is rich in natural, architectural and gastronomic heritage.

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Local terroir

The markets

Browse the surrounding markets and let yourself be seduced by the local terroir: walnuts, truffles, goose and duck foie gras, gizzards, duck breast, confit, cabécou, strawberries … Without forgetting to taste the traditional Sarladaise apples!



Castle life

Come cross 5 centuries of history by visiting the Château de Beynac, discover Joséphine Baker’s extraordinary destiny by entering the Château des Milandes, explore the most visited castle in the south of France, devoted to the art of war : the Château de Castelnaud, and escape to the Troglodytic Village of La Madeleine, a site in the heart of nature that has been inhabited since 17,000 and that has managed to survive through the ages.


Caves and chasms

Go deep underground in a magical setting by discovering the Gouffre de Padirac, dazzle yourself by visiting the crystal cathedral that is Gouffre de Proumeyssac, discover the first cave classified as World Heritage by Unesco and live in prehistoric times for a day by entering Lascaux IV, relive the time of our ancestors at the Prehistoric Park of Grottes du Roc de la Cazelle, enter one of the largest known prehistoric caves, the Grotte de Rouffignac, by electric train.


and leisure

The surroundings of Les Filolies are teeming with great ideas for family fun ! giant labyrinth
in a cornfield, adventure course in the trees
, aquarium, Calviac zoological reserve
, but also canoeing on the Dordogne, gabarre ride, et even Escape Game in Sarlat, there is something for every taste !

Exceptional gardens

and other wonders

Relive Perigord in 1900, in a village with an air of time in the Bournat. Walk in the footsteps of our ancestors by uncovering the secret of these dry stone dwellings that are the Cabanes du Breuil. Enjoy an exceptional view of the whole valley while strolling 130 meters above the Dordogne, in the jardins de Marqueyssac. Rejuvenate in the unforgettable greenery and decor of the jardins d’eau.



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